Fuels Economic Growth Across America

Bioprocessing, which includes both fuel and feed, is by far the most significant value-add to American agriculture. Bioprocessing supports a multitude of good-paying manufacturing jobs, funds massive investments into rural communities, and unlocks economic opportunities for millions of Americans. Today, American bioprocessing plants produce bioethanol, feed, corn oil, purified alcohol, and beverage-quality CO2.

Strengthens Our Energy Independence 

American-made biofuels boost domestic fuel supplies and lower prices at the pump for hardworking families. An abundant supply of homegrown biofuels also eases gasoline price shocks in times of crisis, including rising inflation here at home and conflicts overseas.  

Boosts Savings at the Pump 

Bioethanol replaces expensive octane components in gasoline, saving millions of Americans money at the pump. Today, standard fuel contains 10% bioethanol, but more than 30 states are leading the shift to E15 (15% bioethanol), which offers Americans even more savings.